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How the OneSoil web and mobile apps differ
How the OneSoil web and mobile apps differ

Use the web app for analyzing NDVI and charts, the mobile app for scouting, and OneSoil Pro for building VRA maps and increasing yield

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The OneSoil platform combines apps for agricultural consultants, farmers, machinery, and services dealers (e.g., soil analysis). In this article, we'll provide more details about the tools and how they differ.

The OneSoil web app

The OneSoil web app works on personal computers and laptops. You can open it via Our apps are compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers.

📎 Enter the web app with your login information, and make sure to use a computer (the web version isn't adapted for smartphones).

The web app is ideal for field analysis and farm management. You can view the latest NDVI, see the field's satellite imagery, and analyze vegetation and weather charts for the whole season. We also recommend the web version for field management. This is where you can organize and create an efficient crop rotation plan for several seasons.

The app also lets you manage notes and customize the view of farm fields to your preference, e.g., by crop or contrasted NDVI.

Features available exclusively in the web app:

  • Visualize data from onboard computers of the agricultural machinery to analyze the quality of field operations throughout the season and yield after harvest.

  • Monitor charts of accumulated precipitation, growing degree days, and NDVI changes for each of your fields to plan field operations.

  • Upload any number of fields at once, along with data on crops and yields.

  • Automatically allocate crops for crop rotation.

  • Compare NDVI values and satellite images from different dates.

  • Integrations with other platforms and equipment manufacturers. Integration with the John Deere Operations Center allows you to import field boundaries, yield maps and operations files for analysis with just a few clicks.

  • Field grouping. Organize fields into groups based on your preferred parameters. For example, by clients if you're a consultant or by smaller farms if you own a large farm.

👨‍🌾 Conclusion: Coordinate your fieldwork, crops, NDVI imagery, and machinery data in the web app.

The OneSoil Scouting mobile app

The mobile app is there to help you when away from your PC or laptop. It's free and available on Google Play and the App Store.

📎 If you aren't registered in the OneSoil mobile version yet, we recommend doing so right away in the Profile tab. This way, all your existing fields and other data will be saved in your account and automatically appear in the web version.

Mobile app features that aren't available in the web version:

  • Sharing fields and notes. For example, you can send links to colleagues, allowing them to view the content without being able to make any changes to it.

  • Offline mode if there's no internet connection in the fields. Once a good connection is restored, the data will be uploaded to the account and synchronized across all devices.

  • Route navigation to note coordinates. This allows you to quickly inspect specific areas of the field that require attention.

  • Spraying time recommendations. You can view our recommendations for the best spraying time and the weather forecast.

  • Notifications about new NDVI images. Receive notifications about changes in the NDVI index for your fields and updates about new features from OneSoil.

👨‍🌾 Conclusion: Use the OneSoil mobile app for convenient field scouting in both online and offline modes. Leave notes in problem areas and stay up to date on NDVI changes in your fields.

The OneSoil Pro app: the PRO version for precision farming

The OneSoil Pro app helps determine which fields are suitable for variable-rate application by productivity zones, create prescription maps with control strips to properly interpret results, conduct field trials, and analyze their results.

Unique possibilities in OneSoil Pro:

We've compiled a complete guide to all of OneSoil Pro's tools. Check it out here!

💡 Take advantage of the two-week free trial to test all of the app's features.

👨‍🌾 Conclusion: Reduce expenses and increase yields with OneSoil Pro tools. The app identifies fields suitable for VRA by productivity zones, builds management zones based on a field's productive potential, creates prescription maps with control strips for variable-rate application, and provides a tool to analyze your yield data.

Differences between the OneSoil mobile and web apps

OneSoil Scouting mobile app

OneSoil web app

OneSoil Pro version

Adding and deleting fields

Selecting fields from delineated boundaries

Drawing fields manually

Uploading fields from files

Editing field boundaries

Importing fields from the John Deere Operations Center

Exporting field boundaries

Monitoring NDVI

➕ NDVI comparison

Calculation of NDVI zones area

Creating VRA maps based on a recent NDVI image

Crop rotation management

Crop rotation planning

Weather forecast

✅ Latest weather forecast

✅ Spraying timing recommendations

➕ Accumulated precipitation and growing degree-day charts

Adding geolocated notes

Notes about issues (disease, pests, weeds, lodging, other)

✅ Editing the date and time on notes

✅ Adding photos to notes

✅ Attaching a note to a field

✅ Sharing notes with a link

✅ Building route to a note location

Viewing notes synced from the mobile app

Editing notes

Multi-user mode

✅ Switching between workspaces

Managing access rights (viewer, admin, or editor)

Inviting clients as a dealer

Managing clients and consultants from a master account

Variable-rate application maps



VRA maps for planting, fertilization, or spraying based on recent NDVI or historical productivity zones

Soil sampling


✅ Uploading soil test results

Creating prescription maps for soil sampling

Analyzing harvest and yield

Determining the harvesting order of fields and their zones using NDVI

Predicting harvest dates based on an NDVI chart

➕ Uploading and visualizing yield maps

Importing harvest data from the John Deere Operations Center

Analyzing the yield map

Comparing yield data with productivity zones or NDVI zones

Report on VRA trial results

Visualizing field data and operations


➕ Uploading own data layers (elevation, soil brightness, electrical conductivity)

Soil brightness, elevation, productivity maps

Check out our OneSoil app guide to understand how the OneSoil apps help growers with their tasks throughout the agricultural season.

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