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How to plan crop rotation with OneSoil
How to plan crop rotation with OneSoil
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👩‍🌾 How OneSoil's crop rotation tool can benefit you

  • The crop rotation table lets you store your information about your field in one place. Seasons, fields, crops, planting and harvest dates, yield, field area... everything's saved in one table.

  • The crop rotation table is available in the OneSoil mobile and web apps. You can access it anytime from any device. Your records are secure and just a tap away.

  • We can help you allocate crops automatically. We'll factor in previous crops, analyze the crops you're going to plant in the current season, and create a crop rotation plan.

📊 How to fill crop rotation data for a season

  • In the 'Crop Rotation' tab, add crops, planting dates, harvest dates, and yield for each field in the respective season. Multiple crops can be added to a single field.

  • In the mobile app, the crop rotation table is accessible by clicking the button in the upper left corner of the screen with the names of the seasons.

✨ How to create crop rotation automatically

Just select the crops you're going to plant and specify their planting areas. We'll plan crop rotation in the current season for you by allocating crops automatically to your fields. We'll also factor in previous crops if you've provided this data for the previous season.

How to allocate crops automatically in the web app:

  1. Open the 'Crop rotation' tab and click 'Allocate crops automatically'.

  2. If you want to factor in previous crops, fill in the crops planted in the previous season.

  3. Select the crops you'll plant in the current season and set the planting area for each crop.

  4. Click 'Allocate to fields'. The app will automatically create a crop rotation plan for the current season.

What about the mobile app?

It's not possible to automatically allocate crops there, but you can manually fill in the crop rotation.

📝 What you can do in the crop rotation table

  1. Add and delete crops, varieties, and hybrids for any field in any season.

  2. Add planting dates, harvest dates, and yield for any field in any season.

  3. Create past and future seasons and delete seasons.

  4. Check the total field area, the area planted by each crop, and the field area with no crops planted.

  5. Edit seasons: name, start and end date.

  6. Add and delete fields in any season.

  7. Edit field information and boundaries in any season.

  8. Sort fields by name, area, or crops.

  9. Create crop rotation automatically for the next season.

🌽 How to check field area and area occupied by each crop

You can see each field’s area in the field list next to the field name.

The total field area is shown below the season name in the crop rotation table.

To see the planting area occupied by each crop, click the drop-down list 'Show crops'.

📤 Can I export the crop rotation table?

No, the crop rotation table can't be downloaded.

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