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How to upload a file with field boundaries and history
How to upload a file with field boundaries and history
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Fields can be uploaded from a file only via the OneSoil web app. Be sure to log in from a computer (the web app isn't adapted to smartphones).

💡 If you haven't created an account in the OneSoil mobile app yet, we recommend doing that first. When you do, all of your existing data will be saved in your account and automatically carried over to the web app.

What are the benefits of importing fields to OneSoil?

  • You can import any number of fields and their history in one file at once.

  • You can immediately start working with your fields and information about them in OneSoil.

  • You can visualize field data that you've already collected.

How to upload a file with field boundaries and history

  1. Select a file

    Open the 'Fields' section in the main menu. If you haven't added fields to your account yet, select 'Upload file'. (If you've already added fields, click the 'Add fields' button, then 'Upload file'). After that, select the file on your computer you want to add.

  2. Check the data

    Choose the file attributes you want to import and match them with field characteristics in OneSoil. Currently, we support the following attributes: field name, crop, sowing date, harvest date, and yield.

  3. Match crops

    Match the names of the crops from your file with those in the OneSoil crops list.

  4. Save the fields


  • 'File is too large' error message

    We can only process files up to 10 MB. If you're file is larger than that, you can:

    1. Compress the file by creating a .zip archive to reduce the file's size. If the archive file is under 10 MB, try uploading it again.

    2. Convert your file to another format.

    3. Upload the data for one field at a time. For example, if the file is in the shapefile format, upload the .shp, .shx, and .dbf files (and other available formats) for each field separately.

  • 'No data found' error message

    Please check your file format. The platform supports the following file formats: .shp, .shx, .sbn, .sbx, .dbf, .prj, .zip, .kml, .json, .geojson., .kmz, .gpkg, .gdb,.gmt, and .jml.

    If you have files with a different file format, you can convert them using programs like MapShaper, for example.

  • 'The file contains no fields' error message

    Make sure your file contains fields, not just lines and dots. We support the EPSG:4326 WGS 84 coordinate system.

  • 'Files must have the same name' error message

    If your file is in .shp format, you need to upload it with the supporting files. All files must have matching names.

  • My crop is not on the list

    If you can't find your crop on the list while matching crops, click 'My crop is not here' and input the crop name in your language. We'll try to add the crop asap.

✍️ If none of these tips help, send us a message to or in the chat. Be sure to describe the situation in a few words and attach the file.

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