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OneSoil Yield: Quick Start Guide
OneSoil Yield: Quick Start Guide
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Hi there, thanks for using the OneSoil Yield platform! We've created this guide to help you get started. You can find more step-by-step instructions in our complete Guide.

What can I do with OneSoil Yield?

  • Analyze your field’s productivity zones to see if it’s suitable for VRA

  • Define limiting factors by comparing historical productivity zones, elevation, and soil brightness maps

  • Create VRA maps for seeding, fertilization, and crop protection products application based on historical productivity zones or recent NDVI data

  • Set up VRA trials by building control strips

  • Upload the yield map and get a report with VRA results analysis

What is the difference between OneSoil Yield and the free OneSoil apps?

You can use the free OneSoil web app and OneSoil Scouting mobile app for remote field monitoring and scouting with NDVI, making notes, planning crop rotation, and checking the weather. Get our free apps with this link.

To move from the free app to OneSoil Yield, go to the 'VRA maps' tab.

To get from OneSoil Yield to the free web app, click the OneSoil logo in the navigation bar.

Time to get started!

👤 Sign in

If you're already a OneSoil apps user, congrats! Sign in to the OneSoil Yield app with the same credentials.

If you don't have a OneSoil account, sign up with an e-mail address and password or a Google, Facebook, or Apple ID account. Later, you can use these credentials to log in to the OneSoil free web and mobile apps.

🚜 Set up integration with the John Deere Operations Center

Click the profile icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and select 'John Deere' → then 'Connect'. Enter your JD OC account credentials and allow OneSoil Yield access to your JD OC data. Integration done!

⛳ Add fields

There are four ways to add fields:

  1. Select a field on the map

  2. Draw fields

  3. Upload a file with field boundaries

  4. Add fields from your John Deere Operations Center account

    Click the profile icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and select 'John Deere' → then 'Settings'. Select the organization you want to import fields from. If you've already added fields to OneSoil Yield by other means (e.g., uploading, selecting on a map, or drawing fields), check the box to agree to compare and merge fields with matching boundaries. This will help avoid duplicates.

🔄 Start field analysis

Check the limits above the field list to see how many trial and paid fields/hectares you have available for analysis.

To start field analysis, select fields from the list and click the 'Analyze fields' button.

The app processes an enormous amount of data. That's why it can take several hours. Meanwhile, you can go about your business. Even if you close the browser window, the app will continue processing.

Next steps

  • Check out the field report to study your fields inside and out and understand the limiting factors

  • Create a VRA map for planting, fertilization, or plant protection products

  • Set up a field trial with control strips

  • Upload yield map

  • Analyze the yield report and interpret trial results

We hope you enjoy the app and achieve your goals with it!

🙌 If you have any questions or issues with the platform, please message us in the in-app support chat (bottom right corner). We'll be happy to help.

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