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How OneSoil VRA and soil sampling tools work
How OneSoil VRA and soil sampling tools work
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OneSoil VRA (variable-rate application) system offers soil sampling and VRA map creation tools. The tools have been developed based on the results of several thousand VRA trials since 2011, offering effective methods for implementing VRA technology and evaluating its results.

VRA maps can be created for planting, fertilization, and plant protection products application. If you want to see the map creation flow, navigate to this article.

Advantages of the OneSoil VRA tool

🗺 It supports prescription maps for all types of field operations:

  • Generate VRA maps for planting, fertilization, or plant protection products application, and soil sampling

  • Create maps for simultaneous operations (multiple input operations)

  • Build VRA maps for multiple fields at once

  • Choose your preferred data source for building a map: a single NDVI image for a selected date (NDVI zones) or historical productivity zones

✏️ Zone customization:

  • Choose between 3, 5, or 7 management zones

  • Edit the boundaries for productivity and NDVI zones

  • Visualize layers such as the productivity map, soil brightness, elevation, or satellite image to aid in zone editing

  • Edit zones manually by setting minimum and maximum NDVI values within individual NDVI zones to better reflect field conditions

🍀 Building control strips for insights:

  • Building control strips is essential for assessing the impact of variable rates on yield within each productivity zone

  • The insights gained help determine where more or fewer resources are needed based on trial results

  • Get a yield report with the possibility to compare the productivity map with the yield map and with an analysis of how variable rates affect yield in each productivity zone

🚜 Set up integration with John Deere Operations Center:

  • Send prescription maps to your John Deere machinery in seconds as files or Work Plans (Work Planner tool)

  • Import harvest data from the John Deere Operations Center within a few clicks

  • Transfer essential data from JD OC to OneSoil PRO to get started quickly (field boundaries, crops, AB lines, seeds, treatments, etc.)

To get access to the advanced tools, you need a subscription. The price depends on the number of hectares you use and the features you need to work with. If you haven't yet used OneSoil PRO, activate free trial access to all tools for 14 days via this link.

To learn about the subscription price for your farm and the optimal plan for your needs, contact us via the support chat. 👋

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