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How OneSoil can support your business
How OneSoil can support your business
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Agricultural data

We analyze field data on hundreds of thousands and even millions of hectares for agricultural companies and businesses interested in agricultural data. We work with satellite imagery to ensure global data coverage with world-class accuracy and continuously improve our algorithms.

🌍 Take a look at our interactive map to see how our data can benefit your business.

✍️ Explore all of our solutions and submit your request on OneSoil Global Analytics' official website or e-mail us at

The OneSoil PRO platform

We offer the paid OneSoil PRO app for anyone interested in testing variable-rate application technology to see how it works on their farm. You can become a platform user or a dealer and sell OneSoil PRO to your customers. With OneSoil PRO's help, you can demonstrate the added value of precision agriculture services and techniques to your clients.

We collaborate with sellers of agricultural machinery, fertilizers, or seeds; ag consultants; agricultural companies; and companies specializing in soil testing, yield analysis, and other precision agriculture services.

🌱 To learn more about OneSoil PRO and our partners, visit the official website.

📨 Leave your request on the website or e-mail us at, and we'll contact you to discuss ways to work together!

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