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OneSoil Pro Payment Rules
OneSoil Pro Payment Rules
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Basic rules:

  • User purchases a 12-month recurring subscription for a particular amount of unique hectares/acres (account balance).

  • The subscription starts at the date and time of purchase for all subscribed hectares/acres (not with the first field activation).

  • The hectares/acres are considered used when a field is explicitly selected for activation. Hectares/acres are blocked on the user's balance when the field analysis starts. After field analysis is completed, hectares/acres are subtracted from the user's balance.

  • When field analysis is completed, the user gets access to a field report with information on the field's productivity zones, their stability, and possible limiting factors, e.g., soil brightness and relief.

  • The user can create and download an unlimited number of VRA maps for analyzed fields during the 12-month subscription period. If the subscription includes Soil Sampling feature, the user can create and download an unlimited number of soil sampling maps.

Users won’t be charged (hectares/acres won't be subtracted from the user's balance) when:

  • They add new fields to the account.

  • They change the boundaries of the activated field during the active subscription period. After boundaries change, the field falls into the ‘Not activated fields’ section and has to be activated again (free of charge). Prescription maps and the field report previously created for the old geometry will be available.

  • They remove one or more years from the productivity zones calculation on the field report page and get an updated productivity map.

  • They create a new season during the subscription period and copy already activated fields to the new season. Field reports will be available without any changes. The ‘Prescription maps’ section in the new season will be empty. There won't be additional charges for new maps during the subscription period. However, if a field hasn't been activated in a previous season but should be activated in the new season, the user will be charged for it.

What happens after the subscription period ends?

The subscription is automatically prolonged for a new period. From the first day of the new subscription period, the user has the same amount of hectares/acres available while all the fields in the account become inactive. Note that the user still has access to the data created during the previous subscription period (field reports, maps, and yield analysis) but can't edit. They can decide whether to activate the same fields or new ones within the new subscription period.

If the user cancels the subscription or the subscription is canceled due to the rejected payment, they also have possibility to view the data created during the previous subscription period but not edit. However, the user can upload files from machinery to their account.

How can the user cancel the subscription?

The user who purchased the subscription online can cancel the subscription from the OneSoil Pro account. It must be done before the exact day and time the new subscription period starts.

Please note that these rules apply only to online sales and can differ for users working with the Dealers and Partners program.

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