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I can't find my crop in the list
I can't find my crop in the list
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OneSoil's crop list currently includes most — but not all — crops from around the world. If you can't find your crop in the list, please send us a message in the support chat (click the chat icon in the bottom right corner in the web app) or e-mail us at We'll note your crop request and try to add the crop asap.

Or send a request via the web app. In the 'Fields' tab, while adding a crop, select 'My crop is not here'. Input the crop name and press 'Send'.

Сan I add crop varieties and hybrids?

Yes, you can specify a variety or hybrid in the crop rotation table! Open the Crop Rotation tab and the Crop cell. A form will open up where you can select a crop and specify the variety and hybrid.

The second method is to add a variety or hybrid when editing a field or adding a crop. This method works the same for both the web and mobile apps.

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