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The app is slow to load
The app is slow to load
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You can usually resolve this issue on your own. Below, you can find which steps to take first.

👨‍🌾 If none of these tips helps, send us a message to or in the chat and describe the situation. That'll help us identify the reason and come up with a solution.

💻 Issue with the web app

  • The app may be working more slowly due to a large number of fields. Delete any fields you no longer need from your account.

  • If you don't have a lot of fields or you previously experienced speed issues, clear the app's cache in the browser settings. Clearing the cache in Google Chrome:

📱 Issue with the mobile app

  • If the mobile app is lagging, check to see if any updates are available. Allow your device to update the app automatically.

  • Clear the app's cache in your phone settings, delete the app from your device, and reinstall it from Google Play or the App Store.

We hope this helps and you're back to fast, productive work!

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