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How to change the app language
How to change the app language
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👨‍🌾 The OneSoil mobile and web apps support more than 10 languages. If you don't find your language on the list, send us a request in the support chat or email us at!

Here are the languages currently available in our apps:

💻📱 (DE) Deutsch

💻📱 (EN) English

💻📱 (ES) Español

💻📱 (FR) Français

💻📱 (IT) Italiano

💻📱 (HU) Magyar

💻📱 (PL) Polski

💻📱 (PT) Português

💻📱 (TR) Türkçe

💻📱 (RU) Русский

💻📱 (UK) Українська

💻 (BG) Български

💻 (CS) Čeština

💻 (RO) Română

📱 Selecting a language in the mobile app

Go to Profile → Settings → Language. Choose one of the available options. Your choice will affect the mobile app and email newsletters from the OneSoil team.

💻 Selecting a language in the web app

To change the language of the web app, click the Profile icon in the bottom left corner of your screen, go to Account Settings and then click Language to choose any of the languages currently available.

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