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How to change the app language
How to change the app language
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👨‍🌾 The OneSoil mobile and web applications support more than 10 languages. If you don't find your localization in the list, send us a request in the support chat or send an email to!

Here are the languages currently available in our apps:

💻📱 (DE) Deutsch

💻📱 (EN) English

💻📱 (ES) Español

💻📱 (FR) Français

💻📱 (IT) Italiano

💻📱 (HU) Magyar

💻📱 (PL) Polski

💻📱 (PT) Português

💻📱 (TR) Türkçe

💻📱 (RU) Русский

💻📱 (UK) Українська

💻 (BG) Български

💻 (CS) Čeština

💻 (RO) Română

📱 Selecting a language in the mobile app

Go to Profile → Settings → Language. Choose one of the listed options. Your choice will affect the mobile app and the e-mail newsletters you receive from the OneSoil team.

💻 Selecting a language in the web app

To change the language of the web app, click the Profile icon in the bottom left corner of your screen, then click 'Language' to choose 1 of the 9 languages currently available.

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