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Shapefile, kml, zip – how to upload files with field borders

Upload the files with field borders from your machinery to add your fields in the quickest way
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Uploading a file

  1. Go to the “Fields” tab.
  2. Click the “Add Fields” button. A list of three options will appear: “Select on the map”, “Draw a field” and “Upload files”. Click on the “Upload files” option.
  3. After selecting this option, an empty window and a “Select file” button will appear. To start the upload, drag the file into the browser window or click the "Upload file" button and select it on your computer.
  4. If your file contains field names, you can select them before saving.
  5. After the upload is complete, click the “Save” button.

All the fields will be shown in your mobile OneSoil app after saving.


The file is too large

We can only process files up to 10 Mb. Here’s what you can do:

  • Compressing the file by creating a .zip archive. That way you can reduce the size. If the file is under 10 Mb, try uploading it to the platform.
  • Convert your file to another format. This might help to reduce the size of the file.
    Upload the data for one field at a time. For example, if the file is in the Shapefile format, you can upload the .shp, .shx and .dbf (and other available formats) files for each field separately.

No files found

Pay attention to the file format! The platform supports:

  • Shape-files (.shp, .shx, .sbn, .sbx, .dbf and .prj) or .zip archive
  • .kml files
  • .json and .geojson files

If none of these tips help, send us a message to care@onesoil.ai or in the chat. Describe the situation in a couple of words and attach the file!

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