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How to monitor the NDVI index of the field

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What is the NDVI index

NDVI (Normalized difference vegetation index) is an indicator of plant health. It’s based on how a plant reflects red and near-infrared light waves. 

A healthy plant with a lot of chlorophyll and good cell structure actively absorbs red light and reflects near-infrared light.

The index ranges from -1 to 1. NDVI values between -1 to 0 correspond to surfaces like snow, water, sand, stones and infrastructure objects, like roads and houses. NDVI values for plants range from 0 to 1. 

On our blog, you can find more insights about what the NDVI can tell you at different stages of the season. https://blog.onesoil.ai/en/what-is-ndvi

How to check the vegetation level

  1. Go to the "Fields" section of the main menu and find the desired area from the list of your fields or on the map. Please note that you can only find out the NDVI vegetation index for those fields that have been added and saved to your account.
  2. Click on the field name or on its boundaries on the map—you will see a multi-coloured display of the vegetation index on the map. the data can take a few seconds.
  3. 3. A bar with the dates of the available images will appear at the top of the screen—scroll through them and you will see how the NDVI index has changed over time.

Vegetation updates

Satellite images are updated every 3-5 days. However, if a field is covered by clouds, their shadows or snow, the vegetation may be updated less frequently. Only clear pictures allow to properly estimate field characteristics.

If the image of your region passed the cloud detection test, it'll be promptly shown in the platform. The time between when the satellite image is taken and when the processed data is available on the platform is usually about 4 hours!

Find out how satellite images are turned into NDVI here: https://blog.onesoil.ai/en/how-satellite-images-are-turned-into-ndvi

If you think that the index is displayed incorrectly, write to our support team.

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