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How to calculate variable rate nitrogen fertilizers

Let’s calculate nitrogen fertilizer amount with predetermined zones for your fields
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  1. Open the "Fertilizers" tab in the main menu and select a field. A fertilizer calculation menu will open. Select the “Nitrogen” option. 
  2. Enter the active ingredient percentage of the fertilizer you’re going to use.
  3. Choose the vegetation date. We recommend using the latest one.
  4. The app will automatically identify three relative zones with high, medium and low vegetation. For each of them, enter the fertilizer norms.

    Consider our recommendations:
    🌾 If the vegetation index is high, reduce the dose of fertilizer by 10−30% of the average rate you usually use.
    🌿 If the vegetation index is average, the fertilizer dose should be increased by 20−25% of the average rate.
    🌱 If the vegetation index is low, you need to determine the cause of it first.
    Learn more about the calculation of fertilizers
  5. Select the type of onboard computer and click "Download file". The application will automatically create a task map for the fertilizer application, and a .zip archive will be downloaded to your device.

Calculate nitrogen fertilizers

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