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How to calculate sowing rates

Increace productivity of each hectare and save seeds by applying varibale rate seeding
Written by Lera
Updated 1 year ago
  1. Go to the OneSoil web app: https://app.onesoil.ai.
  2. Open the "Sowing rate" tab in the main menu and select a field. A sowing rate calculation menu will open and the app will start looking for cloudless images to analyze the field vegetation.
  3. Specify crops for the previous years. Based on satellite images, we will determine three productivity zones—zones of stable yield.
  4. Choose the rates: seeds or kilograms per hectare. This depends on the type of sowing machinery you use: drills or planters.
  5. Enter rates for the three productivity zones. The percentage describes how productive this part of the field is. The higher the percentage—the better the zone.
  6. Select the type of your onboard computer and download the .zip task file.
    Upload the file to your machinery. Happy seeding! 

Create your sowing map

Learn more about the calculation of sowing rates on our blog.

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