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Why am I not getting vegetation updates?

Most likely the cause of it is overcast. 
Written by Lera
Updated 1 year ago

To show up in the app, the images need to be processed by the platform.

First, we receive the images from the satellite. The platform analyzes the image and detects clouds, their shadows and snow. The parts of the image that contain them aren’t updated on the platform. This is necessary for the correct work of the entire platform because only clear pictures allow you to estimate field characteristics properly. 🌱

If the image of your region passed the cloud detection test, it'll be promptly shown in the platform. The time between when the satellite image is taken and when the processed data is available for you to see is usually about 4 hours!

You can learn more about this here: https://blog.onesoil.ai/en/how-satellite-images-are-turned-into-ndvi.

We understand that not getting recent imagery can be frustrating, but we hope you can understand why it may happen. ☀️

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