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Transferring files from Raven Precision CRX

Written by Lera
Updated 1 year ago
  1. Open the CRX settings page and click on the "File Manager" button. The File Management window opens.
  2. From the source drop-down list, select "USB" (if the flash drive is connected to CRX or "Local" (on the CRX device).
  3. Check the appropriate file type or select
    "All Files" (All files) to select all files on the CRX or sort GFF files.
  4. Select files to copy.
  5. Click the "Copy" button to copy the selected file(s). The “Copy Files” window opens. Click "OK" to copy the file or the "Cancel" button to cancel copying.
  6. Select the files you need and click the "Accept" button. The copying process will start.

Next step: uploading and visualizing the data in your account on the platform. See this guide if you need any help with it. 👨‍💻

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