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Exporting Job Reports from Topcon X consoles

This article covers the X35 console
Written by Lera
Updated 1 year ago

Note: This enables you to access coverage information later. With Quick Start it can be setup to do this automatically when changing jobs as long as a flash drive is installed in the X35 console.

  1. To export a job report to a USB flash drive, ensure that the USB device is connected to the X35 console (if not connected, the export function will be disabled).
  2. To export a job report click on the "Export button" (Icon 1 below) from the Data Exchange Menu (Icon 2 below).

  3. A window will appear to select what you would like to export. Highlight the options you would like performed:

    Auto Adjust Ranges will auto adjust the color map ranges for the rates applied.
    Create Shape Files will create and export shape files for each map layer.
    Task Data will export task data (this is not required).
  4. Hit the check mark.
  5. A window with a message export in progress will appear.
  6. Once done a message that the export completed successfully should appear.
  7. Confirm the message and eject the flash drive.
  8. A job report will be saved as a .PDF file in a folder named "Reports".

Next step: uploading and visualizing the data in your account on the platform, see this guide if you need any help with it. 👨‍💻

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