OneSoil is a free-for-all precision farming platform built to help you manage your fields in a more efficient way. The platform helps monitor fields, plan farming operations, increase productivity and save resources.

How does OneSoil work?

The OneSoil platform is based on machine learning technologies and multispectral satellite imagery. We manually marked thousands of fields, then, based on the collected information, we trained our algorithm to allocate them independently.

You no longer need to travel your farm on a GPS-equipped ATV or order this work from specialists — OneSoil Scouting determines the boundaries of your field automatically.

To determine the vegetation index, the OneSoil Scouting app uses images with a resolution of 8−10 meters per pixel. With these images, chlorophyll, a green pigment in the shoots, is clearly visible. From a technical standpoint, the vegetation index (or NDVI index) is a combination of several spectral layers.

What's the pricing?

OneSoil is free to use. This is a principle. We help farmers from all over the world switch to precision farming. We show how easy it is. At an early stage, you don't need to buy expensive equipment or install complex software. To evaluate your field state and plant condition, you just need to open the OneSoil platform in your browser or download the OneSoil Scouting app to your smartphone.
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Okay, sounds great. What do I do after I signed up?

It’s easy to start with OneSoil. We’ve already detected the borders of your field. Find it on the map and save the crop rotation in your account. You can also draw the outlines yourself or upload a file. We have detected fields in 55 countries across Europe and the USA. By 2020, the app will work all over the world.

Monitor plant development via the changes in the vegetative index NDVI. Select a field and it will split into different coloured sections depending on crop growth. This vegetation data is updated every 3−5 days.

Understand your fields better with Insights, like the weather forecast, latest vegetation updates and tips from the OneSoil team.

Leave notes from the office or during field scouting — the app will determine your location. This makes the OneSoil platform a convenient tool for identifying and resolving yield threats (such as lodging, flooding, diseases and other anomalies) before they become a terminal issue.

On which devices can I use OneSoil?

You can use OneSoil mobile apps on iOS and Android devices. We also have a web app with lots of useful features.

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